Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibilities

Environmental Responsibilities


Effectively, it is impossible for any manufacturing business to be totally “green”. The term green in a manufacturing context is to some extent theoretical and open to many different interpretations. Materials have to be consumed, products have to be transported, packaging has to be used but what matters most is that these resources are used carefully to get maximum value in the most effective way whilst minimising waste and the impact on the environment.

All manufacturing processes consume resources in the form of water, energy and raw materials and it is inevitable that most processes will generate waste in some form. The chemical industry is regarded as one of the largest consumers of energy however it is also one of the most heavily regulated industrial sectors. RP Adam is subjected to an industry regulatory framework and has a responsibility to monitor and reduce our environmental impacts and use resources responsibly.

Customer must play their part in minimising environmental impacts such as:

  • Reducing the consumption of product, packaging and energy by buying effective products and using them efficiently to minimise wastage and disposal to landfill.
  • Defining what task the cleaning products will be used for and buy products that deliver the required performance.
  • Analysing and reducing re-work rates – cleaning correctly first time will minimise waste, particularly in energy intensive operations such as machine dish washing and laundry.
  • Opting for more concentrated products where applicable, and dilute/use products according to the manufacturer’s instructions, using accurate dosing systems where appropriate.
  • Training of cleaning staff on the safe and effective use of cleaning chemicals


We might argue that environmental awareness is inescapably woven into our Company ethos as a consequence of our factory location in a semi-rural site, situated immediately adjacent to the renowned salmon fishing river Ettrick, therefore we continue to be acutely aware of the potential impact of pollution in all its forms on our neighbours and the local economy.

Although RP Adam has maintained an excellent environmental record for many years, we considered it important to adopt the protocols of a recognised environmental management system, ISO 14001, to build environmental awareness into all aspects of our on-site operations. British Standards Institution (BSI) independently audited our management systems during 2012 and awarded ISO 14001 certification in February 2013.

Since then, we have integrated ISO 14001 into our existing Quality Assurance Procedures (ISO 9001) so that all our management systems relating to product realisation have both quality and environmental responsibility at their core. To download our certificate click on the icon below:


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