Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibilities

The Pillars of ISO 14001 Accreditation


Rather than cover this rather dry subject in detail it may be simpler to consider the “pillars” that are at the heart of any ISO 14001 system: Register of Aspects & Impacts, Legal Register and Environmental Policy.

1. Register of Aspects & Impacts
An “Aspects Register” is essentially a list detailing all the interactions of between the activities of an organisation and the wider environment. An ASPECT can be thought of as a product or activity that has the potential to affect the environment and an IMPACT is the effect that the Aspect can cause to the environment.

When creating the Aspects Register all company activities need to be considered. RP Adam found it useful to engage with all site staff when carrying out this exercise, partly to ensure that everyone understands their responsibility within the overall system but also in recognition that each company department may have Aspects and Impacts that are unique to their individual processes.

When creating the Aspects Register, abnormal and emergency conditions are considered, not just day to day operations, along with any precautionary or safety measures that exist. The Aspects are then considered in terms of the likelihood and severity of the potential Impact using risk assessment techniques to prioritise future actions.

2. Legal Register
To obtain ISO 14001 certification, RP Adam has to recognise every piece of regulation at both national and local levels and must be able to demonstrate how we fully comply with all relevant legislation. Some of the legislation relates directly to elements of the Aspects Register, so there are often many links between the Aspects and Legal Registers. As a chemical manufacturer, there are many industry specific legal controls over what we do, as well as more general environmental legislation relating to AC systems and company vehicles for example.

The regulatory burden of ISO 14001 is considerable as there is a duty not only to comply with all current legislation, but also to plan for legislation that is “in the pipeline”. RP Adam uses a specialist external agency to audit our legal compliance status on an annual basis. This ensures that we are made aware of all new regulation in a timely fashion, but also provides a robust challenge to provide evidence to demonstrate that we continue to meet existing legal requirements. In addition to this external help, we also have a bi-annual audit carried out by BSI to keep us on our toes and maintain our certification.

3. Environment Policy
After all the work compiling and regularly reviewing the Legal and Aspects Registers, we need a policy statement to confirm the commitment of RP Adam to the environmental management system and state our ultimate goals. The Policy is signed off by the Managing Director and is available to all staff and stakeholders. To download our policy click on the icon below:


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