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Industry Standards & Compliance

Industry Standards & Compliance


Millions of people use professional cleaning chemicals at work every day and it is important that whilst maintaining hygiene standards, the health and well-being of end-users, site visitors and members of the public in the vicinity where chemicals are used are not compromised.

Whether we like it or not, the chemical industry is very heavily regulated and places a considerable legislative burden on chemical manufacturers, distributors and others in the supply chain through to the end user. Legislation is in place that controls all aspects of the life cycle of the chemical product, from the ingredients that are allowed to be incorporated into the product, the packaging that can be used, the wording and format of the labels, what restrictions apply to transport and finally how to ensure that the product is used safely in the workplace.

SFAIRP – is an acronym for a term that features regularly in The Health & Safety at Work Act and related regulations and stands for “so far as is reasonably practicable”. SFAIRP comes into its own in the COSHH Regulations where responsibility falls on the employer to take all reasonable steps to protect the employee from the effects of hazardous substances. Even the most diligent of employers would struggle to comply with the law, if the chemical products in use in his workplace were not safely packaged and with sufficient supporting information to ensure that they are used safely. It follows that there has to be a level of trust in the competence of all agents in the supply chain, starting with the manufacturer.

In this sections that follow we try to provide a summary of the most important regulations that apply to the chemicals that we make and hopefully this will reassure our customers that our products can be used safely and with confidence.

RP Adam has a duty of care to all employees, customers and suppliers, alike. When you buy into the RP Adam “Blue box” partnership, you need to know that you are in safe hands, with a competent, credible and socially responsible company.

We do not cut corners and believe that the platform of responsibility we have built today will provide our consumers with total peace of mind. We regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure that our customers trust us to deliver, when it matters most.

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