Knowledge Transfer & E-Learning

Knowledge Transfer & E-Learning

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We invest considerable resources in our training programmes to ensure that key messages are clearly understood and easily put into practice. We support all distributor partners and major end user customers with a comprehensive service and training package. It is in our mutual interest to ensure that users of our products know how to use them safely and effectively including the chemical dosing equipment we provide.

Training in the safe and effective use of our chemicals is vital, and we have developed a comprehensive range of support and reference materials to enhance our face to face training sessions. These valuable reference tools offer guidance to help eliminate common mistakes, improve cleaning performance and ensure that staff are working in a safe and risk free environment. In short, ensuring cleaning staff are adequately trained simply means achieving the best results possible, safely and in a cost effective manner.

RP Adam invests thousands of man-hours each year on staff training for our clients and provides excellent in-situ training for catering, laundry and building services cleaning staff. Our catering training focusses on food safety and disinfection as a top priority, along with mechanical ware washing, carbon removal and drain maintenance.


Our laundry detailed laundry training focusses on wash process and getting the best out of your laundry equipment with particular focus on choosing the correct wash programmes. For general cleaning we try and dispel some of the myths about choosing the best chemical to use for different tasks and surfaces. We have posted a series of articles on professional laundry and published a downloadable e-book which can be found on our blog here

For example, many housekeepers will have a bottle of furniture polish in their trolleys or carry trays and although housekeepers traditionally like the smell of furniture polish, in many cases this type of product is not required at all especially when used on non-absorbent laminates or veneer surfaces. If the surface is a non-porous surface like Formica, veneer or a laminate wood “look-a-like” surface, the product will not penetrate the surface and will lead to dried chemical residues and lead to tacky surfaces.

We split our training into two distinct parts:

  • Application – getting the best results from the bottle
  • Safety – cleaning safely

As safety training is in the main focuses on COSHH we have developed an On-Line e-Learning module, which allows us to spend more time on application training. The e-Learning module has been developed with the aim of ensuring key chemical safety messages are communicated and remembered and that consumers of our cleaning detergents use them as safely and as effectively as possible. When choosing to use commercial grade cleaning chemicals from RP Adam, customers know they are dealing with a reputable cleaning chemical supplier and have the comfort of knowing that the products are fit for purpose, are manufactured responsibly and comply with the law. RP Adam values customer safety and it is our primary concern.


Our CRS’s have Training Record forms and certificates on their I-Pads which can be completed, signed and emailed directly from site, on completion of the training session to the appropriate site manager and the trainee. Our customers benefit from practical, hands-on training in the place of work wherever possible, with product demonstrations and user training sessions on how best to use our equipment.

For customers where staff turnover is high, this is a crucial resource to draw upon. RP Adam also offer “train the trainer” sessions; this allows chosen members of staff to be trained by RP Adam staff to deliver training to other staff at any time. The chosen members of staff will be noted within our system as “train the trainers” and they can request at any time a certificate for their staff. This is very useful to ensure that all members of staff are trained i.e. night shift and weekend staff.

For product familiarisation all products have an easy to understand Product Guidance Sheet which is downloaded from each product screen on the website and we also provide departmental cleaning guides for Catering, Retail Catering & Bars, Housekeeping & Domestic Cleaning and On-Premises Laundry.

If any member of staff, customer or distributor has a technical query on any product or area of cleaning – they should contact and we will respond within 24 hours of the request being received.

You can download our Chemical Safety poster by clicking on the icon below.


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