International Opportunities

International Opportunities

As one of the first UK companies to export hygiene chemicals to the Middle East in the mid-1970s, RP Adam Ltd was a pioneer in exporting and has continued to successfully operate in selected overseas markets ever since.

We have learnt that, to be successful overseas, we need to be flexible in our approach as the needs and demands of our customers vary significantly from country to country depending on economic, political and geographical factors.

For some, it is simpler and more cost effective to import finished goods directly from UK, whilst, for others it may be preferable to import semi-finished goods or concentrates for local blending and packing, or even manufacture our products from scratch under licence from and in partnership with RP Adam.

Very often, the chosen route to an overseas market is determined by the maturity of the market and/or the scale of its trading and industrial base, and RP Adam will work with all overseas parties to establish the easiest and most cost effective way of getting its branded products into overseas markets, for the benefit of all.

Until now, we have focussed primarily on particular areas of the world and now seek to spread our knowledge into new territories that require high quality cleaning and hygiene products and systems.

There are no logistical or commercial obstacles that cannot be overcome, and we welcome and invite all international companies to learn more about being part of the world of RP Adam Ltd.

Saudi Arabia & Arpal KSA

With a population of over 30million people, Saudi Arabia is an oil-based economy with the largest proven crude oil reserves in the world representing almost 20% of the world total reserves. It ranks as the largest producer as well as exporter of petroleum in the world and plays a leading role in the OPEC, producing 28% of the total OPEC oil production.

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