Dish & Glass Washing


Mechanical dishwashing is the highest volume category of products that we manufacture. When you buy these products you are not just buying chemicals - you are buying spotlessly clean plates, cutlery, crockery and glass ware. Our products are used in the smaller under-counter cabinet glass washers and in large-scale industrial tunnel dishwashers in the in-flight catering industry. The use of our core machine detergents and rinse additives will ensure that all items of ware washing are cleaned to pristine standards.

As commercial dishwashing uses detergents which cause burns to skin and cause severe eye damage if splashed or spilled, we can provide the safety conscious customer the innovative Duotek4 auto-dosing system which utilises SafeLink™ Duraseal Technology. This is an ultra-safe system for automatic liquid dish and glass washing and can be fitted on all types of machine. The system utilises a revolutionary safety mechanism in the neck of the 5lt flask which forms a leak-proof connection between the chemical flask and the electronic dosing equipment. By choosing cleaning power and this unique safety feature, users can be confident that the possibility of corrosive chemicals coming into contact with the user is minimised.

As there is no credible 'ultra-safe' cabinet chemical glass washing system available on the market today, we now provide the licenced trade with unrivalled user safety. Most pubs will have the 5lt containers lying on the floor, with the caps open next to the glass washer. This presents a significant risk to bar staff if the corrosive detergent is kicked over. Now with Duotek4, even if the flask is dropped or kicked over, none of the corrosive chemicals can escape and cause injury. Our detergent and rinse safety variant can be used with integral feed machines too (no external dosing unit) by simply connecting the feeder tubes which will be adapted to take the safety-cap.

Our Guide to Good Dishwashing wall chart acts as a useful reference tool and helps operatives avoid some common mistakes, whilst ensuring good health and safety practices are fully adopted and can be downloaded here. (Please use image to link to download of the Guide to Automatic Warewashing Chart by clicking the icon below)


For more information regarding best practises in professional auto dish and glass washing we have produced a detailed series of articles on our blog which cover topics such as:

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  • Impact of water conditions and temperature on wash results
  • Top 10 best practises for effective dish and glass washing
  • Explanation of chemicals and auto-dosing
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