Magic Ready To Use


RP Adam manufactures 24 of these cleaning products which cover core daily cleaning products and some speciality products like mould and mildew remover, a biological odour digester, stainless steel polish and a foaming acid multi-surface cleaner for hard water lime-scale marks.

All the Magic products from RP Adam are manufactured to exacting standards and packed in handy, easy to use pack sizes ready-to-go and cover the following core areas of cleaning and disinfection: furniture, glass and metal cleaning; odour control & air fresheners; toilet cleaners; multi-surface cleaners; catering sanitisers and surface degreasers & oven cleaners.

Whilst the use of pre-packed commercial cleaning products is perhaps frowned upon in terms of the negative environmental impact of the throw away packaging after use, for many businesses a convenient range of ready to use manufactured products is preferred. This may be especially true for the distributor with a trade counter or for the smaller independent business operation where space considerations are a restriction to holding stock.