Washroom Hygiene


The RP Adam range of washroom cleaners and sanitisers has helped some of the busiest leisure operators keep on top of this vital area of cleaning for decades. Whether a busy motorway service station washroom, a communal shower block on a holiday resort, a pub toilet or a high end designer office washroom facility, the same principles apply – clean frequently and routinely with the right products or the situation will rapidly get out of hand.

It is widely accepted that busy washroom and toilet facilities are potential hotbeds for faecal cross contamination if not maintained properly, so this range is designed to combat harmful bacteria and viruses which may lurk on frequently touched washroom surfaces such as toilet seats (and flushes), taps and door handles and even the hand soap dispensers and hand dryers themselves.

We provide a ready to use cleaner sanitiser and a super concentrated variant which have both been tested against the Norovirus surrogate. Our Ecopax super concentrate at a 100:1 dilution has been tested successfully against Vre, MRSA, E-coli 0157 in 60 seconds as well as C.Diff and Legionella at 5 and 15 minutes respectively.

In the main, following rigorous disinfection practises washroom cleaning needs to keep lime scale at bay and tackle the ever present odour problem. Our washroom range of surface sanitisers, foaming surface lime-scale removers, odour control products and toilet cleaners ensures that public washrooms are kept hygienically clean and mal-odour free.

Our range includes hard water multi-surface cleaner variants, mould and mildew remover and a speciality biological odour control product. By using the RP Adam range of cleaners and sanitisers washrooms can project a positive cosmetic appearance to guests and customers and also significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination in these high traffic areas.