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Distribution Partners

Distribution Partners


RP Adam accesses the end user market both through an extensive network of regional and national distributor partners and on a limited direct supply basis. Indeed over 85% of our end user business goes through a re-seller. We deal with the main players on a national logistics basis, working with janitorial, foodservice and office supplies partners. This gives us fantastic “reach” and delivery capability where we can accommodate the smaller independent outlet as well as the larger national chains through our partners’ networks.

As well as dealing with the large corporate logistics companies, we are also very mindful that our long-standing regional distributor network, consisting of regional owner-managed businesses, continues to be a central pillar to our business. Indeed, some of our loyal regional partners have worked with the company for over 35 years, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our service, product quality and account management standards are consistently of the highest level.

The UK B2B janitorial market is very fragmented with plenty of opportunity out there. However, the Holy Grail of longstanding customer loyalty depends on competitive spirit and creative thinking that drives innovation coupled with consistently high service standards. The UK market generally does very well in these areas.

At RP Adam we try to strategically focus our energies on making sure that customers throughout the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands are able to obtain our products at local level. This means that we have to spend a great deal of time understanding the unique traits of each distributor’s business, because if we ever take the supply chain for granted – we lose the plot.


We are always on the look-out for new distributors, particularly niche market partners, and hope that our free-on-loan equipment policy, extensive product portfolio and competitive commercial terms are sufficiently attractive to engage with prospective partners. But we don’t recruit at any cost – there has to be a natural fit in terms of business ambitions, commitment and personality. We often talk of this being a bit like a marriage, you get the drift!

At RP Adam, we focus purely on the manufacture and supply of chemical products and not in the provision of non-chemical consumables. We, therefore, present no competitive threat to our distributor partners. By focussing on what we do best – developing and manufacturing high quality cleaning formulations and providing an outstanding service to end user business consumers on behalf of our distributor partners – we concentrate solely on chemicals and associated services and leave the one-stop shop to others.

From our experience, both the large national logistics players and the smaller local janitorial houses can all offer their customers unrivalled customer service, great price pointing, consistency of delivery and product and, just as importantly, the strong personal relationships which underpin these supply partnerships.

While the entry of e-commerce suppliers into the UK B2B janitorial supplies market is an interesting development, it is our belief that B2B customers of cleaning products are far savvier nowadays. While there may be a convenience factor to the bundling of cleaning products into office supplies or e-commerce websites, our customers are typically looking for a wider range of consultative skills and industry expertise not available from the e-commerce box-shifters.

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Manufacturing & Quality Control

Manufacturing & Quality Control

All our products are developed in our on-site laboratory. With a can-do attitude at the core of our business ethos and a passion for how our “Blue Box” products perform across all market sectors.....

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RP Adam is a key strategic supplier for both larger national groups and the independents in the UK care sector. We can testify that their flexible business approach and partner support for our company have been exemplary for many years now. Our partnership works at every level, and they are great people to do business with.

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