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The UK hotels and lodging market comprises the four-star ‘businessman’ national chains, five-star luxury, and the growing budget sector and the buoyant ‘stay-cation’ holiday resort accommodation. The UK hotel sector continue to make a steady recovery from the worst effects of the ‘Great Recession’ 2008 to 2013. Benefiting from a resilient economy and a buoyant travel market the sector is witnessing across the board growth into 2015 and beyond.

The central source of customer loyalty, retention and growth in the hospitality industry is the quality of the experience that each customer has with their hotel or restaurant. Customers remember experiences more than they remember products or services, therefore it follows that positive experiences build brand loyalty with negative experiences leading to customer defection.

It is well documented that cleanliness is one of the most important factors influencing the guest experience, often ranking higher than other features such as comfort, customer service, Wi-Fi access and location. For the hospitality operator, there are sound strategic and financial reasons for staying ‘clean and safe’. Customers who have had a ‘dirty’ experience are very unlikely to return. In a social media world, they are more than likely to share their ‘dirty’ experience on Tripadvisor, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or other social network sites.

So, cutting corners is not an option as ninety per cent of travellers would avoid booking a hotel labelled as ‘dirty’ on customer review sites such as Tripadvisor. A negative online review could lead to the loss of an estimated 30 customers; a loss of revenue far exceeding the artificial savings from economising on cleaning. Clean guest rooms should be the first aim of all hoteliers.

The stay-away-from home market is worth an estimated £115billion to the exchequer each year and the guest expectation for quality continues to rise. More and more hotels are looking to improve their guest experience, and fresh linen, hygienically clean bathrooms and odour free rooms still continue to be the core benchmarks of a hotel’s ability to generate customer loyalty. RP Adam provides specialist products to satisfy the unique demands of this huge market.



For 2015, UK hotels are expected to see a 5.6% gain in RevPAR (revenue per available room) (to £67.39), driven by a 4% rates growth (to £86.49) and a 1.6% increase in occupancy (to 78%). Strong recovery is being reported in the Regions as well as in London. For Q2 2015, consumer expenditure on hotels increased by 6.9% with an 8.4% increase in travel spending generally.

Three of the main challenges facing existing hotel businesses are the launch of new products, the growing empowerment of customers driven by social media and the emergence of new business models, especially business models based on the key principles of the sharing economy. The latter, in particular has become a major source of concern for the sector given the potential impact of new start-ups such as Airbnb.

The holiday park market too has grounds for optimism with a good trading year in 2014 being followed by an additional growth in sales in 2015. Some operators are reporting their biggest year yet in terms of investment.

RP Adam is one of the most experienced industry players supporting the UK “Staycation” market, for both hotels and family holiday parks. Given that hospitality is core to our business, it is not surprising that our first ever post when we launched the Arpal Group Blog was entitled The Hospitality Experience: It Pays to be Clean. This was followed by a series of three articles entitled Housekeeping: Solutions Not Problems.

The main thrust of these articles was that housekeeping and cleanliness is a strategic asset for quality hotels and other accommodation provides. Working closely with the RP Adam team, we will ensure that the cleanliness of your premises becomes a major driver of future customer loyalty, retention and growth.

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Our team love the RP Adam products, but I also think that this is largely due to the great service and support our resort teams receive. It all comes down to trust and our team trust that the product will work well, and that the Arpal team will be there to provide the service, back-up, support and training required - that is what we truly value.

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