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RP Adam has long-term experience in this vibrant UK business sector which comprises high street national pub groups, independent regional pub operators and the increasing rise of retail coffee shop chains. The two major and most recent trends dominating this sector are the renaissance of the British pub and the rapid emergence of a café culture in the UK.

For a decade or more, the British pub was thought to be an institution under threat. A series of legislative, social and economic trends conspired to squeeze industry revenue and margins, forcing many pubs out of business. The estimated number of pubs in the UK has fallen from 58,200 in 2006 to just over 30,000 currently. The ban on smoking in public places, rising beer duty, declining alcohol consumption, competition from low supermarket alcohol prices, the economic downturn, rising beverage and food prices, increased rent and higher business rates have battered industry patronage and sales. The July 2015 Budget announcement regarding the introduction of a new living wage is seen by many as a further threat to medium-term industry profitability.

Despite the above negativity, there is evidence that the UK pub industry is witnessing a renaissance driven by branded ‘gastropubs’ pubs. Food-led pubs now hold a 22 percent share of the pub, restaurant and quick-service market, outperforming the rest of the UK’s eating-out sector on the back of competitive pricing, effective marketing and a broadening of the product offering to appeal to a wider consumer base.

The shift from beer to food is illustrated clearly in two simple statistics - in 2003, the average adult in the UK drank 218 pints per annum; by 2011, this had fallen to 152 pints, a drop of 30 per cent. Despite the sector’s economic woes, pubs remain a key part of the British economy employing 336,841 people spread over 30,000 plus establishments.


‘From beer to food’ has been accompanied by a second major change in the nation’s drinking habits that of ‘from beer to coffee’. While the number of pubs continues to fall, the number of coffee shops has reached record levels. The UK is indeed becoming a nation of coffee drinkers.

The incredible rise of the café culture in UK over the last 10 years has seen the coffee shop market significantly outperform the UK retail sector with sales growth exceeding 10% per annum. Current turnover is estimated at £7.2 billion from a total of 18,832 outlets. The sector is heading for a turnover of £16.5 billion by 2020 supplied by over 27,000 outlets.

The branded coffee chain segment recorded £2.9 billion turnover in 2014 across 5,781 outlets, delivering an impressive sales growth of 12% and outlet growth of 5% with 271 new stores. The top three national brands account for a combined market share of 56% of the branded chain market by outlet numbers. Pub groups, in particular, have responded to the threat coffee shops pose to their role as the traditional community hub, adding 648 establishments offering a coffee service, representing a growth rate of 19%.

The ‘gastropub’ revolution (restaurant in a pub concept) and the shift from drinking establishments to providing higher quality food and customer service, has wide ranging implications for food hygiene and cleanliness standards in the sector. The rise of the ‘gourmet pub’ now means that establishments must adopt specialised bar and glass wash cleaning products, a robust catering hygiene range and work horse products for washrooms and front of house cleaning. The restructuring of the industry, ‘from beer to coffee’, and the emergence of a café culture in the UK has had a similar effect.

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